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Terblanche Built-In Cupboards

Terblanche Built-in Cupboards has been transforming homes since 1956. With over three decades of experience, the family-run business has been making your dream home a reality.  

Dating back to 1956, Terblanche Built-in Cupboards has been transforming homes for decades. With humble beginnings, TBIC started as a furniture company, producing beautiful hand-crafted wooden pieces. From the ’80s, TBIC started diversifying their services, becoming a one-stop shop for Custom Built-in Cupboards for your kitchen, scullery, bedrooms, bathrooms, study, bar and so much more!

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TBIC is expanding and we look forward to grow and achieve!

Your kitchen is the heart of your home.  It’s where some of your best memories are made with your loved ones.  

Terblanche Built-in Cupboards offers the necessary insight, and expertise to develop a unique, personalized kitchen to suit you and your family’s needs, budget and wildest-dreams.  We offer extensive selections of quality kitchen cabinetry and work-surfaces that can be incorporated to develop your dream kitchen.

 The Bathroom has evolved from a simple functional area into a pampering haven, a room to escape the stresses and strains of today’s fast-paced world.  

As a result, you need to transform your space to create your ultimate escape.  At Terblanche Built-in Cupboards, we maximize the usage of your bathroom space, to create a functional and beautiful bathroom.  Let us create your haven.

Did you know you spend around a third of your life asleep? Your bedroom should therefore be a space of comfort, beauty, and escape. A space that is well designed to allow for optimal rest.  Terblanche Built-in Cupboards designs will optimize your cupboard and organizational space to a functional, stylish and affordable space. 

Contact us and we’ll show you what is possible with your space.

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