About Us

TBIC is a company that specializes in providing kitchen units, bedroom cupboards, tv units & bathroom units, freestanding units, bars etc.

Professional and Expert Built-in-cupboard manufacturers

At Terblanche Built-in Cupboards, our team have been transforming homes since 1956. With over three decades of experience, our family-run business has been making your dream home a
Dating back to 1956, we, as Terblanche Built-in Cupboards have been transforming homes
for decades. With humble beginnings, we started as a furniture company, producing
beautiful hand-crafted wooden pieces. From the ’80s, we started diversifying our services,
becoming a one-stop shop for your kitchen, scullery, bedrooms, bathrooms, study, bar and so much more!

At TBIC, we’ve recently expanded our team. With a third-generation Terblanche joining the
workforce, Anton’s son, Michael, brings his creativity from working in the animation
industry, to digitize and bring your vision to life.

TBIC is expanding and we look forward to grow and achieve!

We make sure that each kitchen has its own identity, complementing the architecture of your home. In the end, your new Kitchen should be a reflection of your personality and lifestyle, providing you with a well-designed and functional kitchen.

We look forward to continuing to grow and expand our business in the decades to come, while focusing on our core values of providing excellent workmanship and customer satisfaction, that we pride ourselves in as a family run business. 

Meet The team

Anton Daniel Terblanche

Owner of Terblanche Built-in Cupboards.


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Rashida Daniels

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The Production line team